What is ABA and how does it help?


Behavior is a learned skill and children on the Autism Spectrum or other behavior related disorders (ADHD, ODD, etc) often struggle to learn these skills.  Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientifically proven, structured teaching technique, that utilizes what happens before a behavior AND what happens right after a behavior to help reduce some behaviors and encourage others. Behavior that is reinforced tends to be repeated, and behavior that is not reinforced will often decrease or disappear.

In ABA, we utilize the child’s natural interests and positive reinforcers to teach new skills and minimize other actions. One technique starts with a prompt, and when therapists get the responses they are looking for, they introduce a reinforcer to let the kids know it’s a good thing they want to see again…a high five, toy, snack or some other kind of praise.

Research suggests that almost half of children receiving intensive ABA therapy will achieve typical intellectual and educational functioning and up to 90% show substantial improvement when coupled with early intervention (*Lovaas O.I. 1987).

TAG is committed to bringing more ABA resources to east Texas families including our play-based ABA center in Nacogdoches, TX as well as support for parents and siblings, diagnostic resources and fostering community education and understanding. 

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