Behavioral Therapy

We partner with families in the greater East Texas area to help children with developmental delays including Autism, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and more with needs-based, play-based ABA therapy.

What is ABA? 

Partnering with Families

Research clearly demonstrates that equipped and engaged parents help make exponential progress in the lives of their children. 

At TAG we provide every parent with the tools and resources they need to help their child succeed. We offer services like: free support groups, low cost parents nights out, inclusive family social gatherings, parent training, and one-on-one guidance from trained BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).

Play-based | Needs-based

Every child is a unique, therefore we use proven assessment tools to identify your child’s strengths and deficiencies – building a custom therapy plan for your child. Learn more about how ABA works

We believe that utilizing your child’s natural interests and mode of play will not only expedite progress…. but make learning FUN! We do this in a natural environment – no business center or strip malls…. our center is based in a house with a back yard and LOTS of toys! This natural environment not only helps generalize skills but also helps children feel more comfortable and better able to learn as they play.

Areas of Service


We serve Nacogdoches and all the surrounding areas of East Texas with center-based therapy as well as tele-health services (where appropriate).

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Parent Resources

Knowledge is power.

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Developmental Therapy

Research has proven that early intervention coupled with parental engagement changes the outcome for children with developmental delays

What is ABA Therapy?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis, and how does it improve the outcome of children on the Autism spectrum?

How the Pandemic Increased Delays in Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism

The obstacles that families face in gaining access to care for their children with Autism are country wide and systemic in scale, the pandemic only made that worse. At TAG we aim to help families gain access and find a treatment plan that fits their family.

The Helping House

Our friends at The Helping House are doing great things here in east Texas and we LOVE it!

Have Any Questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out with any questions or to schedule a tour of our facility.

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